2006-06-20-174a4Charles Spurgeon happens to be one of my favorite authors.  It’s not that I agree with everything he says; it’s the way he says it that gets under my skin.  I love his eloquence and passionate voice.  I love that he leaves no doubt in your mind that God is numero uno in his eyes.  Each word takes you back into a era where words had a richer, thicker meaning and overflowed with labyrinthine content.

Take the word ‘parsimony.’  When was the last time you heard the word parsimony? defines it as:  extreme or excessive economy or frugality; stinginess; niggardliness. That’s another word you don’t hear often…..

Having defined parsimony for you, here’s a little from Spurgeon to make you think.  Thinking is not over-rated.

Let me commend to the Christian, liberality in all his actions, and benevolence in all his thoughts. This may sound commonplace; but I am persuaded that the little tricks in trade, those little savings of the pence, those sharp dealings, are just the things which bring religion into disrepute. It were infinitely better that the Christian should pay too much than too little. He had better be blamed for an excess of generosity, than take credit to himself for a rigid parsimony. Rather let him become now and then the dupe of an imposter, than shut up the bowels of his compassion against his fellowman. I would seek, Christian man, to win a noble character. I cannot see how thou canst do so, except thou shouldst put generosity into the scale, and enroll it in the list of thy virtues.   From a sermon entitled “The Centurion: Of An Exhortation To The Virtuous.

What have you done today to avoid being parsimonious?

If you enjoyed this snippet of Spurgeon, you can have it delivered to your own inbox daily by visiting here. It’s like a ray of sunshine and conviction stirred together into a dose of much-needed reality.  You may not need it…..but I do.


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