Today We Honor You: Presidents Bush and Obama

Dear President George W. Bush:

Let Freedom Reign

Let Freedom Reign

Thank you for being a faithful, kind, jovial, intelligent and balanced president.  I am saddened you haven’t heard these words often enough during your time in the Oval Office.  Complainers and dissidents rarely find the good in those they oppose.  Ideologies clash and human decency becomes victim to its grip.

Thank you for protecting us from severe harm that some in the world would like to impose upon us.  We were threatened and you did not hesitate to protect America.  Thank you for seeing the need to keep our military strong and for protecting the freedoms granted to us in the Constitution.  Thank you for believing in God, our Creator.  Those who know Him know that everything that occurs was already orchestrated by His Hand.  Thank you for not being afraid to make hard, necessary decisions because the world can be a very unkind place to exist….and you understood that.

President Bush, your administration was not a failure, as many today inferred during today’s historic inauguration.  You also inherited a crumbling administration from the previous president.  You worked hard to recover what was handed to you and were steady and surefooted as you faithfully led our America.  Thank you.

No one man, not even the incoming president, can fix the heart of sinful man which is the root cause for all of our struggles.  Hope can be spoken of as desirable, but until the one hope of Jesus Christ enters into the heart of a man or woman, any other hope is merely a false hope.  It is not America that leads — but God Himself.  We know that God works through both friend and foe.  We know that God both affirms and judges.  God is not limited to false hope.  He is hope!  His Will will be done, with or without us.

President Obama:

I am grateful for today’s inauguration of Barack Obama for one very important reason.  Maybe today, the idea that race is important will finally die.  For many of us, this notion evaporated decades ago, but constant reminders sent our way did not allow this sickened ideology to die, because in some odd way, it appeared to be comforting to some to allow it live.

I do strongly believe in an America where race is never considered as important…..where each man and woman would be judged by the content of their character and the substance of their heart.   I hope and pray that we, as Americans, can once again return to the foundation of our country as a Christian nation, but that dream appears to be fading.  Still, God reigns.

So then, I pray that God will work in the minds and souls of all — those that know Him and those that do not.   I pray that God will protect those whom He has chosen and will  encourage us to be an example of a loving God in the midst of assuredly difficult days ahead.  I pray that God will protect my new little granddaughter and our future grandchildren.  I pray that God will help us to remember that no one president rules or is better than the last.  Only God is sovereign and true.

Sometimes We Need the Remind Us

Sometimes We Need the Remind Us

As I watched you sing the National Anthem this morning, my heart did skip a beat.  I remember the sacrifice my own father made during the Korean War, WWII, Grenada, Vietnam twice, and the Cuban Crisis.  As the daughter of a career Marine, I am proud that my father fought so valiantly for the freedoms we still enjoy, even though we, as Christians, know that true freedom is only found in Christ.  I am grateful for the personal, human freedoms that my father fought for and protected.  The National Anthem will always makes tears swell in my eyes.  Thank you, Pres. Obama, for allowing those words to touch you also.

Sadly, I also saw that you did not repeat the Lord’s Prayer with Rick Warren, as is the custom of our culture.  It’s not that I’m a Rick Warren fan, because I’m not, but the Lord’s Prayer is a part of our Godly heritage.  I pray that this was just a simple oversight on your part due to the nature of this landmark day.

Those of us in a more conservative camp do wish you well.  We have no desire to be your enemy.  We desire to be your partners.  We pray that you and your family will be protected by the very freedoms our fathers have protected for you.  We pray that as you implement “change” you will not do so at the cost of the personal freedoms already given to us.

Never let it be said that our Christian faith should get in the way of human conscience and morality…..of kindness, truthfulness and decency.  Let us live the life entrusted to us, recognizing that God has chosen you to lead our nation at this time.  Let us, who are conservative in Christ, bear a true witness of God to those around us and may we call out those who would seek to create a different image of us to others.  Let our true light shine — the light that emanates from Jesus and not man. We desire that you will serve us faithfully……just as President George Bush served our country faithfully.

I am thankful that I could live to see the day we elected our first African-American president.  However, the acceptance of race has nothing to do with political and financial ideology.  Our country must remain strong financially in order to remain free.  No one desires more strong, reasonable social programs than I do, but their cost must not exceed our ability to remain stable, and those they service must not be idle and sluggish in their need.  Our country was built on hard work, creativity and ingenuity….and by God.

I pray our compassion is generous to those in true need, but also teaches those who would abuse the system that by assuming  personal responsibility for one’s actions, our entire country benefits by its survival.  I pray that our new president will not allow our country to seek deeper into debt by over-indulgence.  I pray that the citizens of this country will not seek to become prosperous at the expense others who work hard; that people will learn to live within the means they can afford.  I pray that all will be given an opportunity to achieve, but that a balanced and realistic mind will settle over our land.

Pres. Obama, I pray that you will protect our freedom of speech and forsake the plans of those who would deny our voice.  A free voice is necessary for our democracy to survive and no one should have the power to deny our voice, nor define its attributes.

I pray that new programs for “change” will carefully count the cost of their creation and implementation.  I pray that “change” will be slow and wise….not fast and foolish.  Change is expensive.  It is not always the easiest path.  Some change is necessary;  the wrong kind of change for the wrong motives is wasteful.

Thus ends  my prayer for you, our new president.  It’s a prayer that every president, conservative or liberal, should be subjected to.  It is a prayer from the heart, said with our differences in mind, but with genuine affection.

President Bush:  Today I honor you.  Thank you, Sir.  Well done.

President Obama:  Today I honor you.  Please serve us well.


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