Lobster-Like and Loving It

44160617_14ee9685e6The press reported today that a unique lobster has been found whose colors are orange and yellow instead of the normally pigmented color of ‘normal’ lobsters.  It was reported that the odds for the existence of this unique coloring was 1 in 30 million.  Pretty incredible odds, I’d say.

I was sitting in the car as I heard this story and suddenly I felt like an orange and yellow lobster.  I’ve always been considered…..well….unique. I have my own personal interests and hobbies and rarely do they match up with what is considered within the realm of normality.

Unlike others who crave conformity and acceptance, I’ve always felt comfortable in my own skin.  I enjoy dancing to the beat of my own personal drummer and seldom feel the need to ‘fit in.‘  I may not always appreciate the occasional judgmental glance of the eye that comes my way, but I’ve developed the ability to dismiss and ignore it.  I’ve learned to be content with the person that God has created me to be.

For some odd reason, this colorful and solitary lobster caused me to reflect on Galatians 1 where we read that God set Paul apart before he was even born…..that it was God who had called him ….by grace, which only a Holy God could provide.  Paul further explained that God revealed Jesus to him in order that he might preach among the Gentiles.

While that may not sound out of the ordinary, it was extraordinarily unusual in that Paul came from a Jewish community.  As Paul started to teach, I am sure followers expected him to stay among the Jewish people – those whom were presumed to be the chosen of God.

Presumptions are often inaccurate.  Paul didn’t immediately go to Jerusalem as followers expected of him.  To do so would have conformed to the presumptions of those within the Jewish community.

Paul tells us that he didn’t consult with anyone but went first to Arabia and then to Damascus.  He followed the unique calling that God had placed before him, stepping into difficult and unknown territories because God had purposely crafted him to do so.  Paul was comfortable in his own skin.

I appreciate Paul for many reasons, one of the most important being that he was not afraid to be a unique creation of God.  Recognizing his calling, he was content to hear that personally crafted  drumbeat that God had imprinted on his heart — that God imprints on every heart.  He felt no need to conform to the expectations of others, knowing that there was only one, holy, sovereign God to whom He was accountable.

It’s a message that we should all take to heart and embrace.  Our uniqueness is not a burden nor is it something to hide from others.  It is something to be celebrated, always remembering that others are created uniquely different than we are, for it is in Galatians 5 that Paul reminds us:  love your neighbor as yourself.

Notice that he didn’t say “love only those people who are like you….”    Notice that he didn’t say, “desire to be like everyone else……”

If I were a lobster, I’m sure I’d be orange and yellow…….

Image by PixThree (Creative Commons Attribution License)


One response to this post.

  1. I find it comforting that God can (and has!) designed us to be individual. To orange and yellow and red and even blue ‘lobsters’!

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