A Balancing Act


Image by Gilles Gonthier (CCL)

A squirrel tried to commit suicide under my car on the way to church this week.  He crossed the opposite lane successfully then looked confused as he tried to decide whether to cross into my lane.  There were several cars on my side getting ready to land right on top of him — myself included.  He stopped, looked behind himself, then proceeded to retreat to the safety of his origin.

Suddenly, he turned on a dime and darted right in front of me.  Panicked, I swerved and tried to miss him because I love the little creatures.  I think I was successful but there were other cars behind me.  I still don’t know his fate.  I don’t like to think about it.

This little story caused me to think:  How often do we run out in the middle of the road and wonder why we were almost run over?  We see where we’ve been.  Sometimes we can look ahead and predict the the outcomes of our choice – but not always.  Often we know better than to proceed into murky and dark waters but we foolishly choose to do it anyway.  We can clearly see the danger ahead but something inside our little brains tells us not to care.

The thing is:  We can’t hide out either.  We have to take risks….chances…opportunities.  Life has so much to offer us.  It has so much to teach us.  Life, with all of its hazards, is an amazing gift from God.


Image by Gilles Gonthier (CCL)

There’s a balance to be struck somewhere in the middle.  Maybe we should look before we leap.  Maybe we should consider consequences before we forge ahead into the unknown.  Perhaps we should consult our Creator before we do something that might contradict His will for our lives.

That’s the big one. Do we often consider God’s will for our lives before we leap?  My guess is that it’s usually an after-thought for many of us.

I’m not saying it’s easy to control our impulsive desires, but it’s the sensible thing to do.  God gave us a brain — we should use it.  I believe God wants us to enjoy the beauty of what He has given us, but I also believe He wants us to keep Himself at the forefront of all that we do.

Do we?


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