Crisis in Haiti

Photo by Kretyen (Creative Commons License)

The recent catastrophe in Haiti has resulted in chaos and devastation to an already impoverished country.  Compassion International has over 65,000 children that we serve in Haiti.  One-third of them live in the hardest hit area.  65,000 children attached to 65,000 families.

Compassion already has the means in place to help immediately with our Global Crisis Fund.  Because we are already there in Haiti, we are praying for contributions above and beyond to help immediately with the extreme need.  Would you consider a donation?

Photo by treesftf (Creative Commons License)

Here is a direct link to take you right to the correct page so you know your contribution will go exactly where you want it to go.  While all aid is important, aid with a spiritual connection speaks even more loudly in a world devoid of God’s love.

Those who were in need …. who were desperate….need even more just to survive.  Would you search your heart and use the wealth that God gave you to help others?

I just looked at my granddaughter as I am writing this, realizing that she was fortunate, by God’s mercy, to be born in affluence.  My prayer is that we will humble our affluence into generosity.


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