As a child I loved to dream.  I loved to imagine I understood things I had no way of understanding ….at least as a child.  I loved to reach out to an infinite universe to try to uncover, discover and discern known truths, almost-known truths, suppositions and things that made me wonder.  Wonder is still an amazement to me.

I loved to dream about far off places…like Africa and New Zealand.  Like outer space.  Like the possibility of life on other planets.  I loved to dream of exploring these places, preferably with my trusty dog at my side.

I particularly loved to pretend I was a part of an ongoing story filled with adventure.   These stories always had adventures — animals, outer space, exploration and mountains.  Therefore, each night, in an effort to quiet my busy mind, I would continue to write a story only my mind could see.  I would try to remember where I left off and the story continued the following night.  If I could only remember those stories today!  They were wonderful and gave me something to look forward to each evening as Mom proclaimed it was bedtime.

Sometimes I would place myself in a story I already knew — like the Sound of Music.  I could dream I was twirling around those Austrian Alps on top of the world.  Of course, I never allowed the bad part of the story to take place.  After all, it was my story and I could imagine it the way I wanted to.

As I’ve grown into an adult, the nightly story telling in my mind waned and has been replaced with real life thoughts.  Thoughts about family — about circumstances — and G0d and eternity.  As an adult, I’ve been much more fascinated trying to discover and unlock the mysteries of real life instead of an imaginary tale, as I did as a child.

Real life is awesome.  It can also be hurtful.  Why?  How did we come to be?  Why did we come to be?  Actions and reactions.  Causes and effects.  How do we function physically?  How do we function mentally?  So much to try to understand.

I’m the kind of person who will dig deep to figure it out.   I’m not satisfied with the status quo.  And here is what I have discovered…..the truth that I have discovered.  The only source for my answers has been found within the grasp of God’s Word. Today, the things I dream about have changed.  It’s not that I’m not still interested in the old dreams — it’s that my focus has now turned towards eternal things.  It’s really the only thing that matters.

Because of that, my passion is to know God to the best of my ability and that means knowing His Word as well as understanding the historic Christian faith handed down through the centuries to us.  In this day and age where distortions taint even precious commodities such as our faith, truth matters.

My deep craving to study the Word of God possesses me now.  I have found that beliefs I held earlier in my life did not hold up to my own scrutiny and it was essential that I got to the bottom of what God is teaching me — not what I want to believe.   I discovered that the Arminian beliefs I was taught as a child conflict with the Reformed/Calvinist view I now hold.  I discovered my views on eschatology have changed.  Raised as a dispensationalist, I now hold an amillennial view.  When you really study it, it makes so much sense, and yet most people gravitate towards the popular belief of the day instead of studying and using the mind God gave them.  So today when I do dream, I try to imagine what the new earth will look like.  But that’s a post for another day……

Things change and so have my dreams.  It’s not that I’m not still interested in the old dreams — it’s that my focus has now turned towards eternal things – the only thing that really matters.

I love that God has given us dreams to inspire us and to teach us.  I love that he gave us a mind that has the ability to dream and to be creative.  In that creativity, we are able to understand His creation.  Only now, as an adult, my dreams originate from the foundation of God and His revealed Word to us.  This kind of view forms the pedestal for my understanding and the world has become even a more amazing place …..when viewed through the eyes of the Creator.


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