Never Mourn Unreasonably

I have a Daily Spurgeon quote  delivered to my email each day.  (You can find them here.) Some are better than others but they always provoke me to think.  Thinking is far under-rated and we all need to do a little more of it.

Today’s quote was so beautifully written that I wanted to preserve it so that  when I need it, I can pull it out and chew on it till the words plant deeply where they should thrive — in my heart.  Here it is:

  • Never mourn unreasonably. Question yourself about the causes of your tears; reason about the matter till you come to the same conclusion as the psalmist, “Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him.” Depend upon it, if thou canst believe in God, thou hast, even in thy soul’s midnight, ten times more cause to rejoice than to sorrow. If thou canst humbly lie at Jesus’ feet, there are more flowers than thorns ready to spring up in thy pathway; joys lie in ambush for thee; thou shalt be compassed about with songs of deliverance. Therefore, companions in tribulation, give not way to hopeless sorrow; write no bitter things against yourselves; salute with thankfulness the angel of hope, and say no more, “My soul refused to be comforted.” From a sermon by Spurgeon entitled “A Sermon For The Most Miserable Of Men,” delivered January 31, 1869

Image by Wouter Postma by Creative Commons License.


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