What Calvinism is Not…

Speckled Sussex

Image (CCLI by OwlMonkey)

Some of you who regularly read my blog have figured out by now that I am a Calvinist.  I didn’t grow up a Calvinist.  I was actually raised in a very Arminian Southern Baptist Church.  (And I’m thankful, despite my differences with Arminian theology today.)

Being raised with a different theology —  something different than I have become — offers great personal insight, perhaps more valuable than information gleaned from only experiencing one view, but that is only something I can suppose based on my personal journey.  Sometimes when you have had to kick, fight and struggle to understand truth, you really get it.  If it’s handed to you on a silver and enamel decorative platter, it doesn’t make it any less valid, but I pray it is as valuable as my understanding has become to me.

There are so many mis-conceptions about Calvinism, especially by Arminians.  The debate over this issue is endless, so I’ve made a decision not to fight with others about it, because each person has an individual journey to attend to — and I hope they are attending to it.

Thus, I want to share a post with you from another site.  This post is called, “Some Misconceptions About Calvinism.”  Michael Patton does a great job of explaining what could take me a very lengthy post to explain.  I hope you will enjoy it.

On a side note.  Why the picture of the chicken today?  (This particular breed is called a Speckled Sussex.)  I have begun a love affair with chickens and hope to have some next year after we have time to build the proper fortress for them here in mountain lion country.  Fresh eggs….yum!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie Green on April 17, 2010 at 9:04 PM

    The link to the article didn’t work. Or, at least I don’t think it did. It took me to a Flikr account. Was that where I was supposed to be? I am definitely interested in reading the article because I do have some questions about what Calvinists believe. I wasn’t raised in church so I’m not brainwashed into believing one theology or another. One of my best friends is a Calvinist and many of the Christian intellectuals that I admire (Piper, Sproul, Zacharias) are also, so they must be on to something. But if Calvinism involves the complete absense of free will, then I can’t subscribe to it. When I first stumbled upon this debate, I did a lot of soul searching and talked to friends on both sides. But in the end, I decided that both are true. Just like Jesus was fully man and fully God, I believe that predestination and free-will can both co-exist. I can’t explain it. Just like I can’t explain the Jesus/God example. But God can. I decided it’s just like we’ll never determine the answer in the nature vs. nurture dilemma. It’s both. God can create the chicken AND the egg first. He’s God. Or at least those are my thoughts on it. But like I said, I do want to read the article, so please let me know how I can find it. Thanks!!

  2. Hey Steph – I fixed the link! Sorry about that. I have a wonderful Sproul podcast about the free-will/calvinism question that you have. It is so enlightening – I could try to send it to your email but the file may be too big. (And give me some time — I have to find it again!! I have so many podcasts!) One thing that Sproul reminds us is this: of course, you have free will — but your fallen human nature is such that it would not allow you to choose Christ. Now don’t misread that — I want you to hear his words. I’m not eloquent enough to explain it exactly and it’s best to hear it from him, but I know if you could hear this one, it would satisfy you. 🙂 And like you, I have had to struggle to understand everything I know. My home life taught me nothing theologically (my dad isn’t a Christian and my mom, though she is a Christian, has a simple faith. And I was raised as an Arminian.) There is a reason Piper, Sproul, Ravi and other amazing theologians are Calvinists. All of them lead me there, as well. It is the only system that makes intelligent sense to me, based on what I have read in the Bible — and I have to tell you, I’ve tried just about all of it. It’s late right now — and I have a Compassion Sunday tomorrow — so I’ll try to find that podcast on Monday for you if I can. It’s amazing how simple he makes it sound….

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