From the Mouth of a Child

I received the very best of compliments last night.  It came out of the mouth of a child — a little girl I’ve come to love very much because of the unique, wonderful spirit she possesses.  She is witty and happy.  Her compliment came unexpectedly and unintentionally.   It came when I should have been out of earshot to hear it.

This beloved student brought her cousin to her piano lesson so she could observe because she is considering taking lessons from me, as well.  As I watched her skip (flit is more like it) out the door, I waved goodbye to them and started to close the door.  Right before it shut, I heard her say, “See, I told you she is very, very nice!”

If I could only tell you how much those words meant to me.  Genuine words – not forced or contrived.  She gets me.  She sees me for who I really am — she sees the real me — the me that is kind and gentle inside — the me that many people don’t see.

That she ‘gets me’ in itself is remarkable.  My personality is such that I’m a black and white person.  I’m an extremely honest person, almost to a fault.  I see the world as God’s world, not my own, but thank him profusely for sharing it with me.  I don’t fit any mold that I know of.  Others peg me as someone I’m not, but thankfully I’ve gotten used to it.

I love to research, thus my tongue longs to share what I’ve learned.  Some appreciate it; some do not.  Because my heart clings to the gospel message, my words often speak passionately about the heart of that message to others.  Some appreciate it; some do not.  Because I think truth and integrity matter, I cannot deviate from them.  Because I believe God’s way is the only way, I stand firmly on that foundation.  I’ve had to learn that most people don’t see the world as I do.

But most of all, I’ve had to sink my teeth into the fact that the main reason people don’t ‘get me’ is because the message I hold dear to my heart — the gospel — is offensive.  Thus I become labeled as offensive because I dare to speak of it.  Yet, I will always speak of it.  It is life.  It is eternity.  It is everything. God told us it would be offensive. So it’s OK.

The good news is that I’ve learned not to let the opinions of others bother me.  I don’t need the affirmation and adoration of others anymore– in fact, I shrink from it.   Because I have years of experience getting praise with my music, I can tell when it’s genuine and when it is forced.  I prefer genuine.

God has blessed me so much and I am thankful.  I thank God I confidently know who I am — although it wasn’t always so.   My journey wasn’t an easy one and I’m sure others have shared a similar road of pain and difficulty.  However, I don’t think anyone would really want an easy journey.  Not really.  What can you learn from that?   You need to fail to learn.  You need to discover — to seek — to pray — to weep — to love–  all difficult things to experience, but necessary if you are to see clearly.  And I want to see clearly.

My path has led me to a place where I can rest in his creation (me) and know he created me purposely and to have a purpose.  I can rest because I know I was created for him, not for myself.  I can rest because my focus is on a sovereign God and not on the things of this world.  This really hasn’t been a journey of my own making.  It was one that he led me on — one that he guided me through — and one he has never deserted me on.  He chose that I should walk it.  He chose that it should be difficult.  He ordained every step I have taken or will take in the future.  I am grateful because I see him for who He is.

So when others don’t get me, it’s OK.   It’s more than OK.  God ‘gets me.’  And sometimes, little children ‘get me.’

That……is peace.

The irony of the situation?  I doubt many people “get” this little girl.  But I do……

Images by Fdecomite (CCLI) and Rennett Stowe


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