Living for God’s Glory

I am reading Living for God’s Glory…..and enjoying it immensely.  I’ve read several books on the Reformed faith but this one is written so beautifully and factually.  It allows you to get a grip on the history of the Reformed faith in context within the content of the Reformed faith.

I particularly like how Beeke exposes you to the names of many of the founding Reformers in a way that gives you a clear view into the era of the Reformation and what it really was about.  So many times you will hear a preacher speak of Zwingli or Knox but it really helps to see that timeline in your head — and Beeke has done a great job of drawing this visual simply in my head so I can follow more easily.

If you’ve ever been curious about Calvinism, this is a good place to start.  This book is not so dumbed down that it doesn’t really answer your questions, but it’s not so high-level that it makes you want to scream! It treats you with respect.

The content is broken down into 6 sections.

1.  Calvinism in History  2.  Calvinism in the Mind  3.  Calvinism in the Heart  4.  Calvinism in the Church  5.  Calvinism in Practice  6.  Calvinism’s goal.

This one is a keeper.  I’m sure I’ll graduate past it, but I really, really like this one.


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