From Cradle to Grave

I was thinking about “the church” this week.  My mindset is pensive and a bit sad.  Why?  Our ladies bible study is reading a book called The Prodigal God by Tim Keller and the discussion provoked a myriad of nagging thoughts that raged through my brain.  Time is ticking away and there is so much to learn and understand.

In particular, this study caused me to think about the existence of the church — and the necessity of teaching the gospel to all generations — from cradle to grave.

Further provoking my thought process was the fact that a friend of mine (a pastor) asked this question on his Facebook page.  The church should _____________________.   People were encouraged to fill in the blank.  Here are the answers (I’m going to leaving the misspellings in…):

  • The bigger churches need to quit passing the offering so much and start preaching about hell again.
  • Be a blessing to be a part of in good times and bad!!!!!
  • Accept, love, teach, and support.
  • Be a family and except everyone that steps foot into their family.
  • Glorify Jesus and bring other to Him.
  • [Be] a hospital, not a performing arts centre.” – Joel Comiskey
  • Be lead by those who are culturally relevant by working and being involved in the “public realm” rather than staying in their holy offices and looking at the world through a glass window where you are unable to feel the joys and hurts of the normal people you are preaching at.
  • Be led by Christianity and not religion!
  • Unite.
  • Accept Homosexuals and realize they are human too and God loves everyone and welcomes everyone no matter what. (Unlike Grace Place who gave a sermon last year on how horrible it is and they gave off the impression they were not welcome there) I was appalled to say the least.
  • Foster more local mission projects for younger kids, Jr. High and younger.
  • Read Gods Word and do what it says
  • Get out of the seats and into the streets!
  • Be real
  • Grace – receive it and share it and unite in it…
  • Proclaim the crucified and risen Christ.
  • Be Christ led and Spirit filled!
  • Most of the above! Especially the hospital and not the performing arts…and GRACE, learned, lived, and shared with all who enter.
  • Accept everyone, serve others, share the good news that Jesus is the Saviour of humanity and that we can have a personal relationship with Him.
  • Be there for its members, and be lead by the spirit in all it does!  If it means artful worship, so be it.  Praise be to the father in all things done in his house
  • Remember we are still sinful people forgiven and saved by grace that have the privilege of coming together to worship our risen Lord and Saviour who calls us then to “GO” and share this amazing Hope on to other hopeless sinners all around us.

Now I know why I am sad.  Only one person really understood the meat of our faith and why we unite as the church — only one really got it right…….

Photo by JB King (Creative Commons License)


2 responses to this post.

  1. If only more than 67 people could hear this..

  2. Thanks for your kind words 🙂

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