Little Birds

A crisis occurred on Sunday.  My wonderful husband opened the garage door and saw a beautiful male red finch lying dead on the driveway concrete.   Amazing beauty in such a small package.

His death isn’t all that unusual.  Birds fly into doors and windows all the time.  But this bird was special.  It was our daddy bird — the one who helped produce the 6 little baby birds who are happily growing and living within the safe protection of our front porch.

I watched through the day as the mother bird called for her mate.  She looked so sad — so worried.  Her babies were left unattended for most of the day.  We laid the dead bird within her view — so she would know.

With a strong sense of nurturing hope, we dug some worms from the dry Colorado earth, mashed them up and attempted to feed the little things.  I was determined to call the Wildlife Dept. in the morning if all did not proceed well.

It reminded me of the time I tried to save a baby rabbit brought to us by our cat, Tribble.  I was pregnant with our first child — the mom hormones were raging and strong.  Tribble, proud of his tiny acquisition, presented a newly born baby bunny into my hands as if he had given me a grand present.

I tried so hard to save its life.  I stayed up all night, feeding a corn syrup mixture to the baby every hour or so.  In the end, my persistence and dedication killed the little thing.  I had overfed the tiny baby.   I cried for a week – at least a full week.  I could still feel the living, breathing baby in my very own hands.

Sometimes we take things into our hands that we should leave alone.  Sometimes we should take them in our hands, but we take them sooner than we should.  Knowing when and why to act is so very important – in the life of a baby bird and in the everyday little things of life that God has called us to be a part of.

After much worry and torment, the mother finally began to attend to her babies once again.  The real father returned, or she perhaps found a new mate.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I wouldn’t be personally responsible for killing 6 little birds in my effort to save them.  I couldn’t save the bunny, but thankfully, God saved the baby birds.

It reminded me of the verse where Jesus says, “If I love the sparrows, how much more do I love you?  You are worth more than many sparrows.”

We live in a fallen, broken world but that does not diminish the love of the Father for all he has created….both baby birds, tiny bunnies and impulsive, ignorant humans.

Impulsiveness?  Proper concern?  Sometimes it is hard to know which is which……


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