When Error Creeps In….

Today I read the newspaper headline, “United Methodist Church lifts sanctions on theology school.”  Curious, I continued reading.

The article continued to inform me that the church announced plans earlier this year to begin training Muslim imams and Jewish rabbis in addition to Christian pastors at the same institution.  This makes absolutely no sense to me.  Either you believe the truth claims of Christianity or you don’t.  Either you see it as the only way or you don’t.  To train Muslim imams and Jewish rabbis in addition to Christian pastors seems like a contradiction to the very core of Christianity.

President Jerry Campbell said this, “If you come here as a United Methodist, we believe you will leave here as a United Methodist who better understands his or her neighbors,” he said. “We need leaders who understand other cultures and religions and can reach across boundaries to work for the common good.”

I’m not going to argue against the need and benefit of understanding other religions and cultures.  It is important.  However, I am going to argue that leaders of religions that are not in step with Christian beliefs should not be taught side by side with Christian pastors-to-be within Christian seminaries. Further, the thought that imams and rabbis are being taught to be leaders of their own religions within the walls of a Christian seminary is unthinkable.

Christian theology schools are to train Christian theologians to accurately lead and instruct the sheep under their care.  There are other ways to learn about different cultures and religions without allowing them to step inside the sacred doors of a Christian seminary.  To allow them to do so negatively influences and environment which should contain and focus on the accurate and solid teaching of the Bible.  There are other universities — other cultural activities which can allow a future pastor to step inside of the world of an imam or a rabbi in order to experience their culture/beliefs.

And people wonder why our Christian churches are deteriorating……..


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