Cobblestones and High Heels

My friend has a daughter who is spending some time at a university in Spain this semester.  I’ve enjoyed reading her blog posts about the culture she is encountering — and her viewpoint of it — and her full immersion into the culture.  She is a quite a character and we love her.

Her post made me laugh today.  She described trying to walk on the cobblestone streets of Madrid in high heels. You would see the humor of this if you knew how short she wears her skirts!

The visual that is stuck in my mind, almost possessing it, has caused me to think – and think – and think. Why?  Why would anyone want to walk on cobblestones in high heels?

If you study reformed theology at all, you easily recognize that our human nature causes us to run from the things that are good for us.  We even run away from God because it is our nature to do so.  Only when God first performs a work in our heart are we able to choose Him and run towards Him instead of away from Him.  Man, left to his own devices, flees both from God and from good choices because it is the nature of his heart to do so.

It also seems to be the nature of a really cute little girl to choose looks over practicality — to choose to fit in instead of setting herself apart — to compromise where she should not do so.  Before you think I am judging, I am not.  I have my own share of silly stories to share – maybe not as extreme, but still, I remain guilty as charged.

Such is life. 🙂  At least she learned it wasn’t a good idea to come home at 5am when you have an early class the next day (i.e., that same morning.)

We can be trained….but it’s best when God does the training.  And it’s even better when we learn to listen.

Image  by Monica Arellano-Ongpin (Creative Commons License)


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