My name is Kathy and this blog is written for everyone I love and those I’ve never met.  This blog is a collection of my thoughts and favorite things – theology, gluten-free recipes, books, family.  How many things can one enjoy?  Too many to name!

I’ve traveled a long and inquisitive road through the varied world of protestantism (slightly snagged by a detour or two) ……always knowing that God was there…..seeking to hear His still small voice….finally able to admit that some of my best teaching came from my mistakes and failures….reminding me that obedience is not only essential but rewarding.   He, and only He, makes my path straight.  He is the sovereign I AM.  So this blog is a reflection of my devotion to God.

I’m a Volunteer Advocate for Compassion International because I believe in its mission and execution of that mission.  I desire to live James 1:27 in my life to the fullest.  Those born into poverty have taught me the value of a life well lived with God, yet without physical wealth.   Sponsoring our four Compassion children, Amani, Witness, Mayra and Kevin is one of the most fulfilling thing God has asked me to do…..you can experience this also.

I’m a pretty good musician and God always seems to use me there.

I appreciate that my family is a most precious gift from God.  I’m thankful for each moment, each sentence we share.

The desire of my heart is to know God so intimately that one day, when I see Him face to face, He will smile and say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer.

Our Compassion Children


Amani (Tanzania)


Witness (Tanzania)


Mayra (Ecuador)


Kevin (Ecuador)


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